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09/2011      VB-MAPP Training – Autism Training Solutions


05/2012      Ethical and Legal Considerations for Behavior Analysis Practitioners – Florida Institute of Technology


08/2013      PECS Level 1 Kurs – PECS Germany


08/2014      Supervisor Training: Introduction to Behavior Analytic Supervision, Legal and Ethical Considerations in                         Behavior Analytic Supervision - Florida Institute of Technology


09/2014      Supervisor Training: Logistics in Providing Supervision, Developing the Competent Behavior Analyst –                         Florida Institute of Technology


11/2014      Using Applied Behavior Analysis and Verbal Behavior Strategies to Improve Programming for both                              Toddlers and Teens with Autism - Mary Lynch Barbera


03/2015      Ethics: Restraint and Seclusion in Education, Introduction to Culture – Karen R. Wagner PhD, BCBA D


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